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Alpha version for cutting edge testing –
Beta also available, which is more stable but with less working features.
— May crash and features may not work. —
This is the cutting edge version, this version has not been publicly tested, search for the beta version for the tested version which may be more stable on your tablet or phone.
Imagine being out in the park and your Autistic child starts screaming. Is he in pain? Is he thirsty? Does he need the toilet? You don’t have your big PECS book or any other way of communicating….You’re feeling frustrated…and he’s feeling…well… thirsty?…tired?…angry!
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say to them “Calm down, use my phone and tell me what you want”?
Not being able to communicate your needs, desires or thoughts is so frustrating. Pointing to a glass of water and being told you cannot have the food next to it is very frustrating, when all you want is water. Wanting to say so much but having a very limited vocabulary would make anyone lose their temper.
With about 7,000 different pictographs in 14 different languages.
> English, Spanish, French,
> Chinese, German, Portuguese,
> Italian, Catalan, Brazilian Portuguese,
> Russian, Arabic, Polish,
> Romanian and Bulgarian
User defined cards and the ability to construct and speak sentences, iToucan Talk started out as an AAC way to help Autistic Children to communicate, so they didn’t become frustrated or angry or fly into a rage.
It is now a way for anyone who has difficulty with speaking to be able to communicate. It’s free of charge and does not contain advertising, relying solely on voluntary donations. So Dad, Mum, Brother, sister, child career, teacher can all have it on their phone or tablet without distracting ads.
Using icons/pictographs, it could help anyone on the Autism Spectrum or non-verbal to communicate. The current default set consists of the Barcelona University (Augmentative Techniques Unit – UTAC) communication boards.
Please show your support by going to and commenting, offering feedback or giving a small donation, all especially important at these early stages of development.
Please, give feedback, ideas or suggestions about anything on the forum at
Thanks to ARASAAC for their support and supplying the pictographs.