Aidan’s Apps

Making apps since 2010. Apps which make a difference in people’s lives, are fast and look good.

What We Do

We’ve been making apps for tablets and mobile phones for more than 20 years, we especially like to make apps for ♥Autistic people♥. Since 2018 we’ve started doing apps for Apple too! Our goal for Autism apps is to make helpful apps, which are fast and look good.

Meet our Apps

TalkinPictures X

Helping the nonverbal to communicate using customisable pictures. You can add your own pictures or photographs or add pictures from online resources and it will speak your predefined sentences or words.

Autism Food Coach

Helping you get a better relationship with food, Autism Food Coach helps you chew slower and eat your meal slower by using a repeating timer to remind you when to wait to take the next bite. This means that you finish your meals with others, have time to digest your meal, and you get the chance to feel full quicker so overeating is less likely. 

Dice for Fortnite Monopoly

A little app to add a bit more fun to the Fortnite Monopoly game. This app replaces the two dice in the game. It will roll the dice for you, keep track of who’s turn it is and add sound effects! Shooting your friends in Fortnite Monopoly has never felt so much fun as when you hear the bang of the gun!