Walkin London

Walkin London

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As the Android Market says this has your answer to the question: “What things should I see near here?”. It includes the top Attractions in London, every London Underground Station and downloadable maps.


  • Quick link buttons to the nearest tour sites and London Underground station.
  • Add your own locations and mark your favorites to create a personal Itinerary which automatically updates to show you your closest favorite.
  • Lists attractions close to you or your destination with how long it will take you to get there (In walking time).
  • Tap any point to read information on the sight, including other sites nearby and a compass view showing direction, distance and travelling time to reach. Tap the listing of any sight, museum or tourist attraction for more details. The selection of maps which can be downloaded on to your SD card for offline use include central London and Greater London at street view detail.
  • With the maps downloaded, Walkit London is completely self-contained on your phone, so you will not have pricey roaming charges during use overseas if data roaming default is turned off on your device.
  • One click and directions are preloaded into Google Navigator.
  • Help available for almost every screen.